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Deadly Gentlemen

Whatever you do, just don’t call them a boy band.  These guys are more raw, creative and talented than any 5-piece male musical group ever conceived. Listening to The Deadly Gentlemen’s “Carry Me To Home” album makes me really want to pretend … Continue reading

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Casey Driessen at Berklee

I don’t know what it is about the telepathy of master musicians, but it transcends just making brilliant sounds together.  Casey and Tony both seem to favor bright red, lace-up sneakers – Tony in Converse, Casey in white-striped kicks.  Does … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kittel

I like Jeremy Kittel.  But honestly, I feel like I know very little about him.  I like how he plays, I like the classes of his I took at Mark O’Connor Fiddle camp in the past, I like the fact … Continue reading

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Mike Block – After The Factory Closes

Let’s talk about Mike Block, shall we? Yesterday I sat in my car for a drive out to Weston, where I currently teach Jazz Strings.  First student of the year!  On the way back, I decided to give Avenue Q … Continue reading

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